Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Would You Do for a Loeffler Randall Bag?

loeffler randall bag: $685 at

I was looking for a new installment of "How Not to be a Bankrupt Bag Hag," but then I saw this handbag and got so distracted that I don't even think I slept last night. I don't really remember if I did. If I slept, I'm sure I dreamt of waking up in this beauty's handles.

So what would I do for this bag? (NOTE: Other than saving the money for it, because we all know honest work is not the way to go.)

1. Become a cherubic British street urchin.
2. Start a lucrative business in stretchy, beaded friendship bracelets.
3. Compete in a Gallon Challenge to be televised nationwide so that everyone I know can see me puke.
4. Eat an entire case of Play-Doh.
5. Attend a high school Physics class.
6. Hug a rabid cougar.
7. Go streaking in front of the "Club for Hot Guys Who Are Addicted to Working Out as Well as Classic British Literature."
8. Prank call Anna Wintour.
9. Listen to rap for a straight twenty-four hours.
10. Wear Crocs for one minute (it hurt to type that).

What would you do for a bag this lovely?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This bag looks very Dior Samouri to me, except, you know, WAY cheaper.


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