Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's a Good Thought, But...

While I love the idea of anything that doesn't seem especially frightening about American Apparel, I do cringe when T-shirts speak in fragments. The first photo shows a T-shirt saying, simply, "Legalize Gay;" legalize gay what exactly? Gay people? I think they're already legal.

find it here and here at american apparel: $17

Oh, gay marriage. You can tell because the above version says "Repeal Prop 8" on the bottom. However, that still does not mean that "Legalize Gay" is anything close to a sentence. Would it be so hard to add the word "Marriage?" I somehow doubt that it would cost them millions of dollars to add one eight-letter word to these T-shirts. At least if they did that, I would go "yeah, absolutely!" instead of cocking my head and saying "wha...???" Maybe the English major in me is unjustified for going all grammar Nazi, and really I shouldn't be picking on Dov for making these shirts with such obviously kind intent. I mean, he even let the models wear pants.

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chic said...

wow, that IS a problematic shirt in my opinion! I like their idea behind it but really find the shirt lacking a certain needed clarity, as you said! S.

amanda said...

Ugh. American Apparel. At this point, just about everything they do is offensive.
I think I agree with the sentiment (I agree that gay marriage should be legal, but the phrasing on the shirt is ... head-scratching), but they couldn't wrangle enough letters to complete a sentence?

Gladys Lopez said...

thank you! :D
i'm not such a big fan of american apparel. they just seem to be so overpriced and you can find similar items for less than %5 at places like jcpenney and forever 21. and the shirts are SO easy to make. all you have to do is buy some sheet transfers at wal mart and a plain shirt. it's so simple and people are willing to spend so much money on such simple things you can make yourself.

MR style said...

i wanna have one

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a fill-in-the-blank? You're supposed to scrawl in the word of your choice after 'gay'.

Legalize Gay Marriage.
Legalize Gay Hookers.
Legalize Gay Lead Paint Products.

You get the idea. ;)


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