Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Results May Vary

chris heads photography

*Attack of the Robot Folk-Dancer!

For some good, clean fun, check out LoveLeeSoaps' shop on Etsy. I have never seen such adorable soap in my life. Like, I would never want to actually use this stuff. These would make great little additions to any birthday gift or bag o' party favors! My favorites are the hippos.

*I've been reading One Sentence obsessively as of late. It's so hard to stop once you start.

this is an actual product called the "do hit chair," but i just loved the photo

*Coming from the small, about 98% White community, I didn't even meet a Black person until I was 17-years-old. It's funny to think I would end up in my most (blissfully) committed relationship with a man who is biracial: Luke is half Jamaican and half White. Thank goodness for college, right? Anyway, racial diversity has always fascinated me, once because of my lack of exposure to it, and now because I am in an interracial relationship, and-- if everything goes how we want it to-- planning on having children of mixed race. I found this site about The Hapa Project ("Hapas" referring to people who are mixed White and Asian or Pacific Islander) by Kip Fulbeck, and I've really been captivated by the sample pages from the book. I think it's so important to embrace who we are and where we come from. Writes one man beneath his photograph, "I am 100% Black and 100% Japanese." A little girl draws a picture of herself beneath hers with a word bubble: "I am a person."

by irana

*After reading that big ol' chunk of text, here's a fun flash game about robot dinosaurs you can play. Please take note that this makes two robot-related bullet points in this one post.

*My friend Minh introduced me to Blend Apparel at some point last year, and I've been periodically going "what was that place called?" and frantically google-searching it ever since. Blend Apparel is an eco-friendly company that sells T-shirts made of organic cotton and bamboo (it makes them extra soft), and even powers its servers by harnessing the energy of the wind! Awesome! What's even more awesome is that all the shirts are emblazoned with not only mega-creative but positive messages. Not your everyday graphic tees. I know Minh's favorite was Love Fuel, and while it's a great design, I have to go with Everything is Ok.

*Have you been keeping up with the Photo of the Day at National Geographic? No? Well, start now, why don't ya!

*Am I the last person to know about Poladroid? Probably. That happens to me a lot. If not, I recommend that you download it immediately. I even made a little sample collage of photos of the boyfriend and I to show you how cool the photos come out and how artsy your desktop will look:

by the way, my background is a punch-sipping pikachu i cropped out of a vgcats comic

*C'mon, Disney! You stopped actually drawing your movies (yep, I'm anti-Pixar/Dreamworks CG animation), and now I find out you were cheating way back when anyhow? Sad face. I mean, I know these are small sequences within movies, and that hand-animating/cell-shading and stuff is extremely time-consuming, but I like to imagine a world without cut-and-paste. Nevertheless, I long for the days when such talented artists worked on movies.

*I love the ShamWow Song by Rhett and Link. And am I the only one who thinks
Rhett (left) is kind've cute?

hedi slimane

These are some of the things (other than you pretty people) I'm lovin' this week, but let me know what you think in the comments!

P.S. If the posting end up being a little spotty in the next month, please remember college finals are fast approaching. I'll try to post as much as possible, anyway, but I figured you deserve a timely warning just in case.

EDIT: I totally forgot to provide the LINK for Poladroid. I fixed it so you can find it more easily.


jules said...

I love the polaroid application...!

La Fée said...

poladroid is so addictive! and pikachu looks cooooool :)

amanda said...

I'm hapa and when I saw Kip Fulbeck's book, I damn near cried. I didn't know a whole lot of hapas (hell, even a lot of biracial people) growing up, so when I opened the book, it was like coming home.

rubybastille said...

Oh, VG Cats...I wish you were still funny.

And I wish I could be a National Geographic photographer so very much.


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