Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bandwagon OR Another Diversion from Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

baaa i follow internet trends baaaaa

All right. I know I've had my reservations about Twitter for some time now, but... I got one. I finally ended up becoming quite envious enough of looking at people's blogs and seeing them amiably chit-chatting without me. That's it. I want in on this Twitter thing. The problem is, I don't (to my knowledge) have any *ahem* IRL friends that have one. So here I am, looking at my humble little Twitter page with nothing to do, no one to follow, no one to follow me.

That's where you come in.

My Twitter=

You should add me so I have someone to tweet to.

I know you have a Twitter. Don't lie to me. Just add me or leave your Twitter thingie in the comments. Either that or I'll have to be a creep and track you (yes, you) down. Sound good?

I'm not sure yet if Twitter will catch on for me, since I totally forgot it existed until approximately five minutes ago. Hopefully having a few buddies so I don't feel as hopelessly confused will help (speaking of buddies, I am pretty much chained to my Facebook, so feel free to totally friend request me and I'll, like, comment on your wall or like your status and all that good stuff).

Actual blogging will continue soon. I've been a bit of a lazy blogger lately, but the summer has been pretty full-up with work and fun. No complaints, I suppose, but it hasn't been too conducive to me sitting down and blogging every single day. I used to think that summer break would be more conducive to blogging than being at college, but it's turned out to be exactly the opposite. I have a bunch of posts lined up in my head, though, trust me.

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