Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Results May Vary

by jennipenni

*A polka band's rendition of "Hot and Cold" by Katy Perry. Oh my gosh. I don't think my life was complete until I saw this.

*Please follow Nikkimuse on Twitter. She's a very nice girl who goes to Clark with me (plus a kickass model, plus a kickass photographer) who's going to be giving a dollar to ChildFund.Org for every 2000 Twitter followers she gets. Here's a direct link to her Twitter.

*A rant about why paper doesn't beat anything.

*Have you ever heard of Advanced Style? It's a street style blog full of pictures of chic elderly ladies and gents. Truly awesome and inspiring.

by jason nocito

*The PS22 chorus sings "The Call" by Regina Spektor. That song alone always gives me chills anyway, but these kids are so amazing. Watch every one of their videos. You won't be disappointed, only floored. At least check out "Just Dance." Seriously, these kids (fifth graders!) are stars.

*Wendy at Glossed Over hits the nail on the head with an article about the fetishization of youth. Our society associates sex appeal with maturity and has no problem using sex to sell everything and anything, but at the same time has a very prudish view of what sexuality should be for young people. Why can't Miley wear thigh-high boots? I believe it's that people want to sexualize her in that little girl way instead of in the "mature" sense (and doesn't that seem a little more sick than the overt sexiness?). There are a lot of weird fine lines hanging around out there.

*I want to buy a staple-free stapler just to see how it actually works.

*If you haven't seen it, allow me to save you the two hours and twenty minutes: Revenge of the Sith in 5 seconds.

andres segura by david sims. find the rest here-- major eye candy!

*For the meme-lovers out there: That Fucking Cat Dress-Up (possibly NSFW as you can put *ahem* male genitalia on him).

*Lilly Allen directs a very special song at everyone who thinks gay marriage is wrong (lyrics are NSFW).

*Fascinating interview with Takeji Hirakawa, a prominent Japanese fashion critic.

*When I first played "Twilight Princess" and got the Spinner, the first thing I said to my boyfriend was "oh my God, is there a YTMND of this???" There is.

*Millions from One is a charity to provide clean water to people in need. With the purchase of one of their leather bracelets (for $10), you can provide one person with clean water for 30 years. I do wonder why they chose leather, as tanning leather can contaminate water. Irony?

natalia vodianova as jean shrimpton. photos by steven meisel for us vogue may '09.

*Scary old-school surgical tools. Macabre is the new cool.

*A guide to creating genuine relationships with your blog readers.

*Did you see the Perseids meteors? They were supposed to show up at 4 AM this morning in my area, but I missed 'em. Did you make a wish?

*Rice field art is awesome.

*The Man Wall costs almost $15,000. Every man across the globe is waiting for it to go on clearance.

*Give a random hug.

portrait of a playmobile pony. photo's mine.

i have listened to his sam hart song almost constantly for days now. i would totally marry this guy if i didn't have a boyfriend already, just sayin'.

These are some of thing I've been lovin' lately, but results may vary. Tell me what you think in the comments!


Sydnie said...

Wow, so much stuff I need to check out! I'll be doing that right now! Great pictures, by the way!

Enter my Current/Elliot Jeans and $100 Dick's Sporting Goods gift card giveaways, going on now!

S. Mimi C. said...

I want a staple-free stapler.

Mary said...

I have a staple free stapler! It works! Honestly!

And the Miley Cyrus rant... SO DEAD ON God.
PS: the thing below made me want to punch eight people in the face. Does that burn calories?

Anonymous said...

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Jessicagjuh said...

I want a staple-free stapler.

Anonymous said...

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