Sunday, October 4, 2009

Christian Dior Spring 2010: Love is an Understatement

Reasons to love Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano?

First of all, this seasons collection was a glorious tribute to Lauren Bacall, one of the most drop-dead gorgeous women to grace the big screen (and Twilight hater-- point for you, Ms. Bacall).

Second of all, the man set the precedent for the lingerie-inspired looks of this season's ready-to-wear with last season's flawless couture collection.

Third, fourth, fifth, sixth, ETC. of all...

galliano as humphrey bogart

Go to for more.

i'll share the full show footage when it's inevitably available.


rubybastille said...

Lingerie "inspired?" Their inspiration was adding leggings underneath! I mean, they're gorgeous, but you can't exactly wear them anywhere but your bedroom. But I guess that's sort of what high fashion is all about.

Also, five thousand awesome points to Lauren Bacall, not that she needed any more.

Sydnie said...

She's so incredibly gorgeous! I'm obsessed with this style. The heels look amazing with the sparkly tights!


Kelly said...

Eee I loved this show too!

Kelly said...

(I hadn't seen that lace up back of the pink dress before this post though - beautiful!)

Sarah Von said...

That hair is fantastic!


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