Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Results May Vary

*Nubby Twilglet does a tribute to Michael Jackson, and so does Geoff Barrenger.

*Stuff My Girlfriend Says is pretty funny (keep in mind, you'll either love or hate this girl. I doubt there's an in-between). She's right about one thing for sure: a salad is terribly disappointing meal choice.

*How to be a Hipster.

*A hilarious list of random thoughts from hip young people. Apparently many of these tid bits come from Ruminations.

tao okamoto

*Ever wonder how to pronounce Sasha Pivovarova? Forvo is a website where native speakers volunteer to pronounce words to help out the pronunciation-challenged.

*Mega-jealous of Luxirare's bento box.

*WARNING: the links go to pictures of a body being dismembered and eaten by vultures. I found these photos of a Tibetan Sky burial fascinating and beautiful. I I'd rather have my body be used like this when I die than have it stuffed in a box and buried.

*I was up really late one night and found this completely hilarious. I'm not really sure why.

*A hospital forces a lesbian woman to die alone, even though her children and partner wanted to see her. There are a lot of reasons to want marriage equality, and this story is one of them.

my new narwhal play set-- $14.99 at modcloth

*What I wore today in drawings only. Awesome.

*"Breakable" by Ingrid Michaelson is one of my favorite songs. I totally forgot about it until just now.

*Lesley at Fatshionista wrote an amazing article about wedding dresses. More specifically, the "Trash the Dress" trend, donating wedding dresses to women in Uganda, and the ignorance of our post-colonial societies. I can't really explain it in full any better than she did, so give it a read. It's long but very, very interesting.

*Dior Spring 2010: Part 1, Part 2.

old barbie and ken book found at my college library's book sale. no idea why they had this in the first place.

*You know? I want to be a whale, too.

*All the Youtubing you ever need to do: 100 Greatest Hits.

*I'm a blogger, and I'm a PC.

*Leave your change in the vending machine for someone else to find.

hedi slimane

These are some of the things I'm lovin' this week, but results may vary. Tell me what you think in the comments!


Kelly said...

Love these links - esp. the one about the wedding dresses and the sky burial. I didn't make it too far into the pictures but the wiki was fascinating!

Brittney said...

The sky burial was both gross and interesting. I've always planned on just spontaneously combusting myself, but perhaps this would be a good option...

Elaine said...

Thanks for posting links! I'll have to check them out now!! :)


Sydnie said...

Vanessa, you won my giveaway! Congratulations! You should be recieving an email concerning how to claim your prize soon.

Enter my new giveaway!

Vanessa said...

Sydnie: OMG Awesome! I'm wicked excited, thanks!

Anonymous said...

The links are great
Check out my fashion blog and follow for updates

jules said...

Such fun links, you always give me so much to do!


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