Monday, October 12, 2009

You Wouldn't Believe How He Dressed When I Got Him*

[I am playing Pokemon at my desk. I hear The Boyfriend sit up in the bed behind me.]

Me: Couldn't sleep?

Luke: No...

Me: Awww.

Luke: I couldn't stop thinking about blazers.

Me: [laughing] Seriously? Blazers?

Luke: I kept thinking about showing up to your house on Christmas, arms full of gifts, wearing a grey blazer! "Merry Christmas, everyone!" ...It was exciting.

I never really question why we've been together almost two years.

*and by that i mean he owned and actually wore a douchebag vest.


Kitty said...

That's funny. Did you start this blazer obsession, or did he come up with it on his own?

Vanessa said...

Kitty: Believe it or not, he started this all by himself. I'm so proud.

Mary said...

Uh, does he have a brother? JEALOUS.


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