Monday, December 7, 2009

Flowery Dresses

Two posts about dresses in a row? Awesome!





I haven't mastered taking outfit photos. I worked on finding a good place to set my camera on self-timer for longer than I'm willing to admit to myself, but I ultimately gave up and Myspaced it up. Just keepin' it classy.

I don't normally do outfit posts, but I got this baby at Target on Saturday, and I'm so in love with it that I just had to. I wore it to a wild 21st birthday party on Saturday night, and then I wore it part of today (some days I change outfits crazy amounts of time) with some comfy black tights. I can't wait to go back to Target and get its counterpart in black. After all, I got the pink using a gift certificate, so it'll be like getting two dresses for the price of one!

The price, you ask? You can grab this lovely little number for $25.

Oh, and you know how right now you think this is probably the end of the post? Well, it's not, because something really awesome happened today that I want to share with you lovelies.

A couple of weeks ago, I applied to become a new member of ModCloth's street team, the ModSquad. It's a group of everyday people that work as ModCloth insiders of a sort, getting special assignments and sneak peaks at promotions and contests. Well, of course, this sounded pretty darn fun and cool, so I applied and... well, I think you can guess that I wouldn't be writing this paragraph if I didn't get in. I'm super excited to have been accepted for the ModSquad, and I'm hoping that it'll be a really fun, educational experience. I'm also hoping I'll be able to share a lot of cool opportunities with you guys in the future.

And now I'm off to snag myself a nice big mocha to celebrate!

P.S. I hope you college kids are surviving finals all right! Promise you'll still try to get lots of sleep, okay?

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Kelly said...

Those shoes are badass


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