Friday, February 12, 2010

Love 365: Day Thirty-Seven - Forty-Three

I love that I'm stubborn.

I love that my mind is full of useless trivia. Someday I'll be on Jeopardy, I tell you.

I love being pale. The more I know about health, the less I desire a tan.

I love my strong thighs.

I love my handwriting-- not too neat, but not too messy, either.

I love my smile.

I love my crooked teeth that never got braces.



I love how I know how to make fun of my girlfriend in a way that makes her smile.



I love how every time I fall down on my knees, feeling weak and ended, I come up by myself and fight back whatever it is that time. It looks I´m stronger than I thought I was.
I love my freckles, they make me feel younger, and I love how close I am to my family, how deeply we take care of that relationship through time and adult age, not giving anything for granted.
I love how I try to surprise the others, how I look for the details that will make them feel special.

I love that I still care when I lose a friend, because it means I truly loved that person, and gave a part of me. With time, I´ve become more and more reserved in friendships, so when I find out I still give myself, it feels like I didn't totally lose the innocence in me, despite the heartbreaks, I always trust again.
I love that I want to keep fighting for my dreams, even life won't give me many chances to achieve it. I love that I won´t surrender and live my life the way others try to convince me to.
I love the story of my name, and the way it sounds when my mother says it.



I love my eyes.

I love that I'm finally strong enough to tell my parents I want to pursue (classical) music as a full time career. I practice 3+ hours a day and I think I deserve to do what I love and am really good at not what other people expect me to do. On that note, I love that I can spend hours practicing and still not get tired of music.

I love that I am learning to love all 5'1 of me. I'm short yes, and generally quite tiny. I use to hate it, but it's not going to be a problem this year unless I let it become one.

I love that I have finally accepted that not everyone I meet will like me.

I love that I am independent. I can do things by myself, and deal with things by myself. I don't need a boyfriend and I don't always need people to lean on. In fact, 90% of the time, I'd rather you all left me alone so I could figure it out alone. I love that I'm tough.

I love that I'm a little bit nerdy. History is cool. Bach, Beethovaen and Mozart are all gods.



I love that I have been journalling a lot lately, that I have developed it as a habit. I used to write down in my journal before I went to sleep at nights, but now I actually carry my notebook around and scribble down everything that crosses through my head. It's not only a place to vent my emotions and write my thoughts, but a book with important information that I'd be lost without.


Something I love about myself is my ability to deal with confrontation. Not a lot of people can do this. I believe it's because i m a strong person who stands their ground and is secure. I really love this about myself.



I love:

My ability to socialize with pretty much anyone.
the fact that I will stand by my beliefs to the very end and do not sit by quietly when I see injustice in my world.
The fact that my post baby body is not dramatically different to my pre-baby body (superficial yes, but important to my self esteem).
That I'm always there for my friends when they need a shoulder to lean on.

--Bec, Brunch at Tiffanies


I love all my scars. I know so many people spend time and energy obsessing over how ugly those skin details make them feel - but WHY? My scars remind me where I've been. Even the stupid scar on my knee from tripping over my dog's leash - sure it wasn't a great story anyone else will ever be interested in, but in 5 years when she's gone, I'll still have that scar with me all the time to remember her. I love the scar on my arm from a fight I got in with my brother when we were little. Sure, I hated his guts at the time and the fight wasn't exactly fun, but it's from our childhood which is when we learned to love and take care of each other. I even love the scars that I can't remember the origins of. I have a scar on my wrist that I notice every day as I work at my computer. I have no recollection of when or how I got it, but I still like it. I know there were things I was doing 5 years ago that I couldn't remember now. And whatever is important to me now, I might not remember 10 years from now. But even if I can't remember it, going through things is how I became who I am.

--Kelly, Proficiscamur!


One thing I love about myself is when I look in the mirror and think "Oh man, that's a hot girl! Wait, that's me..." It's the kind of moment when you want to yell "WIN!" and not care about people thinking that I'm a geek. I am a geek. That's cool.

--Greta, Punkelikat!


I love my inner overachiever. She kind of cracks me up.
I love how my hair goes all wavy without my doing much to it, which is fabulous because I like extra sleep more than perfectly done hair.
I love my crazy sexy vocabulary.
I love how I feel surrounded by bright colors and pretty designs.
I love that I am a grateful person.

--Jessica, Serious Whimsy


Something I love about myself is that I am learning the power of my word. I am more aware of my ability to have either a positive or negative effect on others simply what I say and the way I say it. One of my resolutions is to give up idle gossip. I've never been much of a gossiper, but I have caught myself making subtle judgments about others and passing them off as 'harmless.' A wonderful side effect of 'impeccable speech' is that I have also become a better listener. :)



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julialuckett said...

all of your photos are so lovely and charming! I am following you via bloglovin and I would be honored if you followed me!


Kitty said...

i love that u love your crooked teeth :) i never had braces either & i dont think i'll fix it in this lifetime. It's true that my crooked teeth give my face even more babyface look but nobody's perfect.

Xcuse My English

Katie said...

love love love this installment of love365! your blog always puts a smile on my face.

Sydnie said...

Great photos for this post! Loved this Love365 post! :)


Vanessa said...

Julia: I followed you.

Kitty: Glad to meet someone else who didn't have braces. Hardly any of my friends didn't-- and if they didn't, they didn't need to. I doubt I'll ever fix mine, either.

Katie: Awww, thanks!

Sydnie: Thanks, dear!

jules said...

how sweet. Your photos are amazing!

Laells said...

It's groooowing! Look at all the people participating now! <3

Yay for you hun. :)



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