Friday, March 5, 2010

Love 365: Day 58 - 64

I love that I speak too loudly.

I love that I have the courage to pursue my dreams.

I love that I'm learning to take risks with the way I dress.

I love that I'm responsible with my finances.

I love my intelligence, and that I'm not afraid to show it.

I love that I'm trying harder to face my disorder. Coming out to the internet and people close to me a year ago was really difficult, and though I can't say I've gotten a whole lot better yet, I know I'm trying the hardest I ever have to work through things.

I love that I'm not afraid of snakes.



I love that I'm not afraid to be ridiculously silly.



I love my sense of humor. It's kind of sarcastic. Okay. It's A LOT sarcastic, but I like it.

I love that I laugh and smile as often as I can. It's so much easier to smile and it doesn't hurt. You know that tense feeling you get in your ears and jaw just before you cry when you're all upset? That feeling sucks and I choose not to feel it as often as I can. I CHOOSE HAPPINESS!!

I love that I can draw just about anything I set my mind to drawing. I love the style that I've developed for myself. I love to illustrate and draw pin ups and fashiony things and I used to be so concerned when I was young that I developed my own unique style. I finally just stopped worrying about it and let it develop and I love what I came up with after all that time. It was worth the wait.

I love that I am ready to go back to work. After a long five months and yucky winter of some of the worst depression, anxiety, and panic attacks I've ever had I'm ready to get back to work. I want to go back to work even. I love that I held on long enough to realize that getting help and a lot of therapy will be the key to becoming a healthy person. This is a much better way to live my life.

I love that I'm Canadian. I'm not sure what I love particularly about it. I'm not overly patriotic or anything and I'm definitely not walking to work in my snowshoes. I live in Southern Ontario in a city that's a lot like Flint, Michigan. Yes. I can be that exact. Anyways. The point is I really enjoy being Canadian and poutine is actually a damn good meal if you've never had it.

I love that when I decide to start a hobby I dedicate myself to it. I sometimes become slightly obsessive about it. Some of these hobbies include collecting beach glass (washed up broken glass that's smoothed out from the sand and water) and making starburst wrapper chains (mine got out of control and I think there's over 3ooo wrappers in it now and I can run it from one end of my apartment to the other).

I love that I always have something to talk about. I can make a conversation with damn near anyone. I am THAT good. lol
--Julie, +Laells+


What do you love about yourself? Share with us, won't you?
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Angelique said...

Hey there....I won the ModCloth gift card giveaway from you not too long ago and I just wanted to stop back by and say a big thank you :)
I ended up getting this (I'm a rocker chick at heart :)

Thanks again, have an awesome day!

Vanessa said...

Hey Angelique! I love that necklace! I'm glad you found something awesome :)

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love that you post these love posts because they are uplifting.


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