Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Music: "Split Screen Sadness" by John Mayer

I'm not too much of a John Mayer fan.

Except for this song.

I remember one of my very first days of college. I was in the auditorium waiting for a boring presentation to start, sitting next to a guy I'd been talking to online all summer. He was one of the few people I was really eager to meet because he'd become something of a best friend. He took out his iPod and handed me one of the earbuds; he wanted me to hear one of his favorite songs. It was this one.

Happy early birthday, Minh!

P.S. This week may possibly be light on posts/me commenting on your blogs (which I've already been bad about-- sorry, loves, I do try to visit you all!). I was informed just a wee tiny time ago that my best friend is visiting from Texas for the first time in two years! In order to go spend this Thursday through Sunday having a grand ol' time, I need to get a lot of work done by Wednesday or so. So excited!


Kelly said...

I really like this song too. Hope you have tons of fun with your friend! I love it when friends come into town.

Jem said...

John Mayer is such a good lyricists... although i don't always agree with his personal life. anyways... have a good time with your bestie! :)


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