Friday, April 16, 2010

Love 365: Day 100 - 106

I love that I can never turn down a challenge.

I love that I can write a good article on ridiculous time constraints.

I love that my Feature Writing professor told me "your writing is brutal sometimes, and I love it." I think, as a journalist, I want to be a person who doesn't feel the need to pull punches or is afraid of being criticized for saying what I think. It makes me happy to know that a Real Professional Journalist acknowledges my potential to be that kind of writer.

I love that I'm the best pancake-maker I know.

I love that I'm excellent at keeping secrets.

I love that I'm learning who my real friends are.

I love that this list is now 106 items long. As someone who used to be very insecure-- and still is, in many ways-- I can think of over 100 things that are great about me. I'm so glad I decided to go through with this resolution, and I can't wait to see what this list looks like by the end of the year!



I love that I'm determined to go to law school.

I love that I wear cool shoes.



I love when I surprise myself. Whether it's a project at work, or a new weight machine at the gym, sometimes I'll think "there's no WAY I can conquer that" and when I'm done, I look back and think "wow, I had it in me all along." It's an awesome feeling!

--Kelly, Proficiscamur!


I love that people under-estimate how capable I am, and the suprise they have when they realise they were wrong :)

I love how well I get on with people

I love looking at old photos of myself and realising that I have become a beautiful, talented, confident woman because of all that has happened since those photos were taken.



I love my green eyes.

I love how people trust me and tell me what's bothering them.

I love how I always work hard so I know I've done my best.

I love my blog :)

-- Zmaga, Zmaga's


I love my knack for picking perfect avocados.
I love that I'm a fighter AND a lover.
I love that I was born a Pisces, especially because of the lovely Pisces (Piscean?) ladies I know or admire who mirror and inspire me.
I love that I'm learning to be content, and notice how perfect a moment is, and how that simple perspective makes for a happy life.
I love that I'm having a love affair with milk. 
--Jessica, seriousWhimsy


I love my belly button with it's sparkly green bar through it.

I love that I'm sticking to veganism.

I love that I do nice things for people.

I love how organized I am.

I love that I try to empower people, even when I don't feel empowered.

I love my buddah belly. :)
--Renji, Shhh!


I love that I'm not scared or ashamed to act like a goofball in front of my boyfriend.

I love that I'm in love with the Creator of the universe and that He is constantly growing me.


I love my red hair, and I love that I like getting compliments on it, it boosts my ego, but also lets me remember I am unique without my personality.

I love my awkwardness and the fact that I can survive with human interaction for a weekend and like it. :)

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Sherin said...

This is such a fantastic idea!!!

Zmaga said...

There I am :))
I'm tagging you, check my blog!

Elaine said...

Love it!

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