Friday, May 7, 2010

Love 365: Day 114 - 120

I love that I am not particularly athletic, but athletic enough to have been a co-captain of my high school tennis team (granted we weren't very good and that season was a complete fiasco that I'm still trying to block from my memory).

I love that I wear heels as frequently as possible.

I love my Jewish heritage.

I love that I was strong enough to cut someone negative out of my life.

I love my morning-time frizzies.

I love that I'm not afraid to wear white.

I love that I sing in the shower even when I'm pretty sure someone can hear me.



I love my disease, because it's taught me so much about how to take care of myself.



I love that I've finally figured out how to blow-dry my hair, velco rollers and all.  Still working on the getting-out-of-the-house-on-time, but damn do I have fabulous hair when I leave.

--Laura, Ruby Bastille


1). I love my optimistic attitude
2). I love my passion for volunteer work
3). I love how much enjoyment I receive from listening to music
4). I love when I'm productive
5). I love the person that I am becoming.

--Ashley, Bits & Pieces of Me


I love my curls that I can pile high on my head in a prom queen up-do if I need a quick beauty fix.
I love that when I eat well and drink enough water, I have skin that radiates health.
I love that my hips were made for dancing. 
I love that my hands are strong and capable. 
I love the tattoo on my ribcage that I got for my sisters. 
I love that I am learning to love my body exactly how it is.

--Mara, Medicinal Marzipan


I love my Sunshine Award.

I used to think (until pretty recently) that being incredibly analytical was a bad thing but I've really come to love my analytical little mind. I love that I have finally found a positive in something that I considered to be a sortakindabad personality trait. Being analytical makes me a really good saleswoman.

I love that I have found my calling as well. I love to sell things to people. I love figuring out what kind of customer I have, what they want to hear, and how I'm going to spin my pitch to them.

It all boils back down to that analytical mind. I'm the type of person that will run absolutely every scenario and what if through my head, I love to pick people apart, understand people, find out what makes you tick, I still read my college psych. textbook when I'm bored (which probably makes me a nerd but I love that I'm a nerd too... so HA!), and it really helps being able to think in that mind frame when I'm selling.

I used to think that doing all those things and taking all that time to pick people apart and understand them was just a product of me being bored/too analytical/worrisome etc. On the other hand though, my amazing never-stop-thinking mind, got me to this point as well. Realizing that it's not all bad. I love that I'm smart enough to recognize my flaws and also find ways to make maybe not so much of a flaw but find a way to paint it in a positive light.

So. Long story short. I love my crazy, worrisome, sometimes a little too analytical, imaginative, creative mind.

--Julie, +Laells+


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Anonymous said...

This is so nice.
I love that I read it.


Jem said...

I always get excited reading what everyone loves about themselves, it really makes my day to see that you are helping people love themselves more. Besides, if you can't love yourself then it is impossible to love someone else, right? I also am proud of my Jewish heritage as well! :)


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