Friday, May 21, 2010

Love 365: Day 128 - 134

I love that I like to take charge.

I love how my body feels after a workout.

I love that I have all A's so far for last semester (waiting on one more grade). I'm proud of myself for working hard and doing well.

I love that I sometimes randomly smile to myself when no one's around/

I love that I remembered to bring my reusable bags to the grocery store-- FINALLY. It's a little thing to be happy about, but it makes me feel good knowing I'm trying to help the environment.

I love that I get less nervous at work every time I go. I even decided to work Saturday nights this summer, which is the busiest night at the restaurant I waitress at. I was scared of Saturdays last summer, and refused to work them, but I think I trust myself enough to do well now even in such a high-pressure situation.

I love that I am no longer coffee-dependent.



I love that I have "healthy" eyes.



Things I love about me this week:
- I will always go to the extreme to help someone who needs it and never turn my back on a friend.
- I'm always prepared to give second (and sometimes 80th) chances if someone seems genuine.
- That no matter how bad things get I've managed to keep life completely normal for my son and not let him notice anything is wrong.
- I bake awesome passionfruit scones :)

--Bec, Brunch at Tiffanies


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Zmaga said...

Congratulations on your A's and on your new-found courage!

Laells said...

Definitely congrats on the As for sure. That's super awesome.

Also - hooray! You use reusable grocery bags!

Most grocery stores here in Canada charge you for plastic bags now. It's just smarter to invest that $10 and have these great reusable bags for everything. I use them for work too. I have one I got from the LCBO (Ontario Liquor Stores) and it's compartmentalized and it's FANFREAKINGTASTIC (and medium sized) and very ideal for taking to work and putting things in all the slots.

Anyways. I love that you love using reusable bags. They are just too awesome in too many ways and manufacturers are making them look snazzy nowadays too.


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