Friday, May 28, 2010

Love 365: Day 135 - 141

I love that I care about my health.

I love that I don't let cranky people ruin my day at work.

I love when I get all flustered and mix up my words.

I love that I pretty much consider napping a legitimate hobby.

I love how often I smile 'til it hurts.

I love my thoughtfulness.

I love how many obscure references I "get" on Family Guy.



I love my love of food



I love that I finished my Master's degree!



I love how I started being more politically aware since starting college.

I love that I'm still not giving up on my guitar, even though learning to play it takes painfully long.

I love the skin on my face - it's so clear these days!

I love that I manage to look cheerful and optimistic when I'm tired.

I love the success in my college career so far.

--Zmaga, Zmaga's


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Laells said...

You mean napping ISN'T a legitimate a hobby?

News to me, man. lol

Vanessa said...

My boyfriend tells me it's not, but I don't believe him.


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