Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today You Should...

... start a journal.

... read A Softer World start to finish.

... tell yourself you're beautiful.

... have an impromptu picnic.

... visit an animal shelter and ask if you can play with the animals.

... buy a cute reusable container so you can stop buying bottled water.

... skip.

... read children's books in the library.

... take more photographs than necessary.

... wear stripes with polka dots.

... try a new ethnic cuisine (Vietnamese being one of my favorites).

... let go of that grudge. It doesn't really matter.

What are you doing on this beautiful Tuesday?


brlracincwgrl said...

Perfect post :).

I already have a journal! Although, I'm contemplating on starting an art journal!

Picnics I love those! And it's a perfect day for one! Sounds like a great way to wind down the work day!

Sarah_J_Evans said...

I LOVE the idea of an art journal!!



K. Davis said...

definitely skipped today... oh, and about to go on a date with my camera... lots of photos in the near future!

Laells said...

It's Wednesday for me now, but I've really learned how to let go of a grudge lately. There's still some grudginess there but I'm learning how to let it ALLLLL go.

I also loaded up my old camera with old fashioned film that you need to get developed. As I've been carrying on lately, the wait to have cash to develop this film is killing me, that and once you get those pictures. That's it. No deleting and redoing because it isn't 'profile-worthy'.

rubybastille said...

Oh man, I love A Softer World. Those guys are hilarious.


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