Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All the People All the Time

As we start another week, packed for some with school or work or socializing with friends, it's important to remember that our lives are, first and foremost our own. We go to bed with our own decisions, ethics, misgivings buzzing about in our brains and no one else's. When we are asked to hold ourselves accountable, we must consider what kind of actions we would like to be held accountable for.

I think there are very few people-- even rebellious types-- that hold absolutely no regard to what our fellow humans think. It's very human to want to seek each others' approval. It feels good to know that someone is on our side. Unfortunately, there won't always be. Sometimes we are faced with situations in which even those dearest to us won't wish us as well as we'd hoped. There will be times people will doubt and people will tell us "no" to discourage us.

Those are the times it's most important to remember whose body it is you sleep in at night.


Weesha said...

Thank you for posting this :) Today, I was thinking about how we're so easily influenced by other people's opinions, especially our loved ones. You often get crap for listening to yourself but in the end, it's always worth it.

Anonymous said...

A very fine reminder. :)

Ashley said...

If we ignore this fact, we can end up stumping our lives and if you resent it, you can make yourself very sick. At least in my experience.

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