Friday, June 4, 2010

Love 365: Day 142 - 148

I love that I own way too much Beatles stuff to even propose I'm sane.

I love how I sometimes smirk without realizing it.

I love how I've been starting my days early.

I love that I look through the thesaurus just for fun.

I love that I actually look forward to thinking of these "love" things every day.

I love my new eyebrows. I grew them in a little thicker (may or may not have to do with Raina from ANTM), which I've always wanted to do. My boyfriend didn't notice, but, you know, guys.

I love how I'm excessively easy to amuse sometimes.



I love that I get scars in wimpy ways.



I love my confidence.

I love my legs.

I love that I don't own a TV.



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Zmaga said...

If you like the Beatles, you'll like this Tumblr:


Vanessa said...

Checking it now :) Thanks!

Palwasha N. Minhas said...

I love, your blog and love 365 posts! I might start noting down things I love and feel thankful for.

Bec said...

I keep forgetting to email you submissions before Friday. I should put a diary note its good for me to have to think of the best bits of me.

Vanessa said...

Palwasha: go for it! I'm sure there are plenty of things you could think of :)

Bec: good idea! I miss hearing from you, of course!

Sydnie said...

Oh, The Beatles are my heroes! My first tattoo is going to be the sheet music to "All You Need Is Love".


rubybastille said...

I have a wimpy scar too! I got it on the back of my hand from the latch on a microwave door. :(


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