Monday, July 26, 2010

Excuses Excuses

Oh, hi, guys. This is Vanessa and you may remember how I used to go to all your blogs and comment a decent amount and stuff. I've been a little bad about that as of late. BUT! I have an excuse.

I am puppy-sitting. And it's awesome, except for the fact that the woman whose house I'm staying in doesn't use a computer and thus does not have a wireless router in her house. I've been stea-- er, borrowing my Internetz from kindly neighbors Heather and Tsunami (I'm sure they won't mind), but this has turned out to be extremely unreliable. It'll probably be like this for another few weeks, but I'll be trying to read and comment as much as I can while also posting. I have a few things lined up right now, so regular posting should be back tomorrow.

What's that? You don't believe I'm actually dog-sitting?


Buttons has made great friends with Luke and really loves laying on him while some intense Poke-battles are going on.

He's not nearly as cool as my dog, though.

bandit is a hipster

Just sayin'.

And that was me making a whole post out of dog pictures.

Have you ever taken care of someone's pet? What kind of wackiness-- or horribleness-- ensued? Share your stories, pretty please!


Anonymous said...

So I need to thank you. Yesterday I spent at least half my Art History lecture trying to figure out what sort of dog my lecturer looks like. Et voila! THAT DOG, HE LOOKS LIKE THAT DOG. What sort of dog is it?

Thank you for satiating that annoying niggle =)

Weesha said...

ahahaha I think both dogs are equally cute! I miss you, can't wait for you to be back on the internetz!

Bee said...

I dog/house sat for my neighbor once and I lived next door, so I could see their backyard from mine. I looked over to their yard while I was back at my house and I thought I saw one of their dogs lying at the base of their deck stairs, motionless. I totally freaked out because I figured the poor thing had fallen down the stairs and died there! Turns out it was a grocery bag, but still, gave me a heart attack.

-- Bee

Kelly said...

I used to dog-sit my aunt's dogs a lot in college. It was awesome. She has a hot tub and a big screen and a huge lawn. Heaven compared to my dorm room! The craziest thing that happened was probably the night that the fire alarms went off and smoke was pouring down the stairs and I called 911 at 3 in the morning convinced I had set her house on fire. Turns out their furnace got cleaned the day before (or something?) and somehow that blew smoke everywhere and set all the alarms off. Phew!

Laells said...

I house sat my cousin's hamsters (because they were like seven and so worried so we actually stayed for two days to house sit hamsters) for them with my best friend at the time when I was a teenager and one of the hamsters just totally died on us. I have never felt so horrible in my life. My friend went to get the hamster to hold him for a bit and he was gone. :(

So hopefully you're a better dog sitter than I was a hamster sitter (even though I'm fairly sure it wasn't our fault).

And thank you for the comments you do find the time for! They're appreciated so so so much!

Nicole said...

I've never pet-sat (that's not a word) before but I have my own dog and we have a petsitter who takes care of her when we're out of town. Feels weird giving a stranger keys to my house but when we met her, she seemed nice and was wearing a tie-dye T-shirt. Someone who wears a tie-dye T-shirt can't be nefarious, can they? LOL.

Also, both dogs are cutie pies.

Sarah said...

ha ha love your dogs bandana:)

Joanne Faith said...

I think your dog is cuter, I have a soft spot for black & white furry creatures. I've never pet-sat before though!

selinaoolala said...

i just had a midnight (well, 2am) read of your posts, fantastico as always! haha your dog pic made me laugh, definitely one cool dog!!

Anonymous said...

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