Friday, July 30, 2010

Love 365: Day 198 - 204

I love that I'm strong.

I love that I WON POKEMON OMG OMG OMG! (Oh, hi, I'm 21 and have never finished a Pokemon game until this year). If you can't tell I'm unreasonably proud.

I love that I'm a total nerd who's begun watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, start to finish, online.

I love my introverted nature.

I love the way my hair feels after a great shower and how simple things like that make me feel gorgeous.

I love that I question how society works more and more each day.

I love that I'm an adult and stickers or a balloon can still make my day.



I love that I'm completely uncool



Only one super-duper thing for me: Our housekeeper Paulina's little baby girl was born last night! My mom and I spent the whole labour time with her in the hospital. She didn't have an epidural so she was obviously in immense pain, but she was so strong and didn't utter a sound. Two hours later little baby Palesa (it means "rose" in Sesotho, which is a translation of our surname, Roos) was born, healthy and happy. I'm so proud one would think it's MY baby!

--Ilde (isn't that a such a sweet little story? Congrats!)


I love my willingness to try different tech products, no matter how much downloading, installing, and uninstalling it involves.

I love how I remain calm in almost any situation, regardless of how fast my heart is pounding.

I love that I can always listen to a friend.

I love that I remember funny stories about my high school teachers to cheer myself up.



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Anonymous said...

I love reading about you.
I hope you are having a great weekend.


Elaine said...

That baby story IS really cute!!! So sweet.

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