Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In Which You Can't Unsee the Adorableness of it All

You have to watch this. Too. Cute. Like really. So cute you might die of cuteness. I also love-- and have to acknowledge-- how the reporter turns an adorable story about animal love into a life lesson that's very, very true.

What's the most adorable thing you've seen lately? Do share!


Kylie said...

I'm literally tearing up right now. I just lost it when the elephant waited outside the window for 3 weeks. I can't handle this!!

I also have the strong urge to open an elephant sanctuary.


Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

oh man. maybe too early in the morning to be blubbering already. <3 elephants.

natalie said...

lovely. thank you for sharing. and i'm crying, too. ;)

Laells said...

Aw. :D

Last super adorable thing I saw was a REEEEEALLY fat bulldog that was all wobbly and cute when he walked.

Before that it was my cat freaking out on a plastic straw. Her favourite toys are straws, the pull tabs from frozen juice, and boxes. lol


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