Friday, August 6, 2010

Love 365: Day 205 - 211

I love that I didn't kill that spider even though it creeped me out. Just because you're icky-lookinh doesn't mean you deserve to die.

I love that I am published again this month. I still feel absolutely elated when I see my work in print. (The article can be read online here, but if you're not from Clark it probably won't be that interesting. Feel free to leave nice comments, though!)

I love that I often wear the same outfits over and over. I could totally do the 6 items challenge easy peasy.

I love that I picked a perfect avocado (I thought of this/was proud of it because of another secret you may remember).

I love that I try to allow myself to make mistakes.

I love that I appreciate a good cup of tea.

I love that I have promised myself that I am going to be a better blogger from now on. Something unforeseen happened this week that left me scrambling around to fulfill another major responsibility and unable to blog. BUT I am back with working Internet (I came home from that other house, dog in tow, until the owner comes home) and no more writing responsibilities other than this until school. The plan is that I will be writing regularly again starting Monday.



I love that I still love my pokeymans (that's Pokemon for the layperson).



I love my strange sense of humor.

I love my big-ish ears.

I love that I am an activist.



I love that I give so much love.



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1 comment:

Laells said...

Yay for trying to be a better blogger! Me too! I was internetless while we were moving and made me realize how much I've really gotten into blogging and I couldn't wait to get back online.

Wanna know what I don't love? I was just sitting here typing this up, minding my own business and a huuuuuge bug just crawled across the screen. I think I almost peed myself.

Sorry I just had to share that somewhere. It really startled me. lol

On the other hand I love that I am generally not afraid of bugs or gross things. My bug killing capabilities didn't fail me there.


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