Friday, August 13, 2010

Love 365: Day 212 - 219

I love that I get strangely attached to inanimate objects. I lost a new pen the other day at work and it was strangely awful. Though it may have had something to do with the fact it was a stupidly expensive pen.

I love my ability to be just cool enough under pressure.

I love that I still sleep with the teddy bear my boyfriend gave me on our first Christmas every night. His name is Wilford.

I love that I get excited for Jersey Shore on Thursdays (I know this is terrible...).

I love that when I mess up I am capable of manning up to my own shortcomings.

I love how I'm always writing in my head.

I love that I am brave.



 I love the way I feel after a great workout.



1. Monday was a public holiday (Women's Day) in SA - which meant a long weekend! 
2. Home videos
3. My new ghd straightener that I got at a really good price. 


I love that even at 25 I daydream every day and I dare to daydream big.

I love that I sincerely try my best to learn from my mistakes.

I love that I always get back up when I've been blindsided by life in a huge way.

I love that I am learning to care more about what I think rather than what others think.

--Julie, +Laells+


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Jem said...

Love every 365... although its okay we all have shameful tv secrets (I personally don't watch Jersey Shore but I know their are a few shows I wouldn't be proud to admit I like to watch and like).

Anonymous said...

I love teddy bears! I sleep with 5 every night :)
Have a wonderful weekend!


jacobithegreat said...

I love that I was able to graduate from college with a degree that I once thought I wasn't smart enough to get.

I hate all those MTV reality shows but I also have gotten hooked on Jersey Shore... haha


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