Saturday, August 21, 2010

Love 365: Day 220 - 226 (Slightly Belated)

I love that I am so fascinated by history.

I love that I finally am going to be a Wii owner-- I know it's totally late and not exciting anymore, but I'm gonna play the crap outta that thing.

I love that I can really listen to people with differing opinions.

I love my soft hair.

I love that I hate pants. I would totally never wear pants again if I had the choice (I don't because it would make my boyfriend very sad, and if I want him to wear collared shirts and sweatervests I have to make some concessions, too).

I love that, as a child, I went through a phase where I came from from school and watched Babe every day. I still get really obsessive about things like this.

I love that I sometimes lapse into speaking LolCat.



I love that I clean Vanessa's room for pleasure.



I love that I can blank out the fact that my mum ruins my life - at least sometimes.

I love that I'm an outsider and somehow still have good friends to rely on.

I love that I dropped off some weight by eating healthily.

I love how my hair shines reddish in the sun light.

I love how pictures, songs or scents can remind me of special moments.

I love how I just can't stop thinking about him, him, him.

--Heng, Is this real life?


I love that I am a morning person. I can wake up at 5 in the morning and skip my entire routine and still have a good day. Yes. I'm that nauseating happy morning person that most people want to smoke in the head. :D

I love that I'm making a commitment to go for more walks.

I love that I'm making myself go back into the world again. No more hiding in my home away from 'it all' for me! I have a job interview today even! :D

I love that when I go for walks I tell people that I'm going 'exploring for a bit'. All walks can be an adventure in my eyes.

--Julie, +Laells+


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Miss Peregrin said...

I also lapse into speaking LOLcat! :D

Jem said...

I love to hate pants too... if I could I would wear dresses and skirts every day for the rest of my life, however that isn't always so practical. :)


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