Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love 365: Day 255 - 261

I love that I make fantastic vegan cupcakes.

I love that my best friend thinks I'm special for the way we relate to one another. Her love for me makes me see myself in a better light.

I love how I lose my shit over adorable puppies (watch this little guy spin!)

I love that I won't give up.

I love that I got up the courage to call the guy from People Magazine. He wasn't there, but I left a message and I'll try again soon if I don't hear back. I was so nervous and I put it off for a long time, but I did it!

I love that I sing softly to myself as I do the dishes.

I love how I steal my boyfriend's clothes.



I love that I was chosen for a photo spread in my college's magazine about beards. Mine is just that awesome.



I love that I still know how to forgive and understand.
I love that I have learned how to be the classy when it comes down to disputes.
I love that I love telling stories about my schitzy little cat.
I love that I get super excited when I get new treats or toys for my cat and I can't wait to get home to give them to her.
I love that I have stuck to my new job. I was going to for reals quit on like the third day but I made myself keep going no matter how much I didn't want to and now I'm kinda really loving it a lot.
I love how I do random nice things for my friends without it having to be an occasion. I planned a Sunday adventure for my best friend and just because I thought she'd really love it (and being out of the house for a bit).

--Julie, +Laells+


I love my courage.



What do you love about yourself?
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Zmaga said...

I am proud of you for calling that guy! I was also panicking about applying for an internship but I did it anyway, so I understand you :))

Vanessa said...

Thanks! Isn't it the worst, though? I'm terrible at phone calls. I think it's one of those things you just have to do over and over until you can hold down the butterflies.

I wasn't able to do it until I practiced in my room for a good 20 minutes (I even wrote out what I was supposed to say just in case!)


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