Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Results May Vary

*Oh, hi, wanna read something I wrote for Pulse Magazine? This is my story on Diana Levine, a young celebrity photographer who graduated from my college. You can leave comments to tell my editor you love me :-P

*Ever seen a Welsh Corgi do a belly flop? Probably not, but trust me, you want to.

*This article about restless, confusing 20-somethings in the New York Times Magazine is awesome for several reasons: 1) I am a 20-something and can relate to grown-ups just not understanding me, 2) It is fascinating, 3) Jeffrey Jensen Arnett is a psych professor at my university and I get unreasonably excited when Clark people show up in the news. You'll also note the article mentions Clark's first president, G. Stanley Hall, who more or less came up with the idea of adolescence. Nice!

*A map of other things that are around Ground Zero. I dunno about you, but an Islamic community center is a lot nicer-sounding than a strip joint. (Did you know the place it's going is an old Burlington Coat Factory? Doesn't ring of "hallowed ground" to me).

*Pinup RDJ. Enough said. This is fantastic.

*When Shamantis took "U Smile" by Justin Bieber and slowed it down by 800%, he found something incredibly inspiring.

*So pathetic and so funny: "Fur-ocious" photos of a cat fashion show. Thanks to my friend and former roomie with excellent taste in lolcats, Alicia.

*You want more cute animal videos, am I right? Penguins chasing a butterfly. A-dorable.

*This cover of Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" may be the only good one I've ever heard. No one does it as heart-wrenchingly as Dylan, but she comes close.

*Do You Want To Be A Mermaid Or A Whale? Gala Darling reposts a very inspiring letter.

These are some of the things I'm loving lately, but results may vary. Tell me what you think in the comments!


Mindy said...

Okay, that penguin video was ADORABLE. And it inspired me to paint this!! Thanks for sharing the link!

Vanessa said...

Mindy, for real? You rule.


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