Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Talk Sh*t, Get Hit: A Reminder

The first time I heard this phrase wasn't too long ago. I've gone back and forth from really liking it because it embodies the part of me that's very rage-y at times and disliking it because, well, hitting people is not how we in this civilized world of ours should solve our problems. Sure, when we find out someone is saying nasty things behind our backs, the gut reaction may be a desire for confrontation, but we all have to learn to rein it in and deal with situations like this constructively.

Which, by the way, can be hard. This isn't to say, of course, that I really think most of you would go out and physically assault someone who was saying nasty things about you: I don't. Most of us just really aren't that confrontational. Still, many of us do have an instinct-- a desire-- for revenge. There's this little part of us that wants to go defame our enemy to the masses or make a scene or ruin some part of their lives. We're all human and we can sort've feel like being vindictive sometimes. Admit that to yourself. It's okay-- really, it is. It's fine to fantasize about some kind of over-the-top revenge, as long as-- and this is the part where you need to follow me-- you don't do it.

The character of a person is largely determined by how they react to life's negatives. It's easy to be nice when everyone smiles at you, but not so much so when you're getting dirty looks. What do you do then? See the cruelty of others as a chance to show your grace under pressure.

This is a reminder to you that you're just so much classier than that, and that's the best revenge you can possibly get. Be classy. Sure, tell your closest friends how angry and insulted it makes you, but get that over and done with and resume life. Don't be the person who holds a grudge. Don't be the person who talks shit right back-- let karma do the work for you. People say this all the time. I know my advice to you isn't new or innovative, but it bears repeating, because sometimes we get caught up in the drama and forget.

Stay classy, dear readers.


Jem said...

I agree classy is always the best way to deal with a terrible situation. The other person often expects to make you angry, trying to get some sort of negative emotion from you but its always best just not to respond. It may upset you, just don't the other person that it does! Great post once again! :)

Laells said...

I love this. :)

It sincerely makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only one that wants to go and kick someone when they're being cruel towards me.


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