Friday, October 8, 2010

Love 365: 269 - 275

I love that I'm a hopeless romantic.

I love how terrible I am on camera. I'm a bit caught-up in my own awkwardness.

I love that I draw "victory giraffes" for my boyfriend when he does something particularly well. It's a like gold star but with a longer neck. (If I had a scanner I would draw you one-- they're just regular giraffes except so badly-drawn it's endearing).

I love that I've got plenty of photos of me and Sigmund Freud-- the statue, of course. A Clarkie tradition! (That picture is from Freshman year-- what a blast from the past!)

I love that I forgive myself for the little things.

I love that I am a Spongebob-quoting machine.

I love that I finally decided my Capstone project (and, you guys, you are wonderful for wanting to help!)



I love how I'm going to kick the LSAT in its face.

--Luke (everyone send some positive thoughts his way for tomorrow morning!)


I love that I haven't let my mum or anyone else talk me out of being vegan.

I love that I am gay, dammit!

--Heather Ann


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1 comment:

jacobithegreat said...

I love the pictures you find for every post.


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