Friday, October 15, 2010

Love 365: Day 276 - 282

I love my stretch marks.

I love that I'm finally "getting" Lacan. (Hi, I'm a nerd).

I love how attached I am to the mouse that lives in my dorm room. He may have ran away today and my roommate and I are extremely concerned. He was 100% safe here in a room with two vegetarian hippies who squee over tiny animals.

I love that my boyfriend and I would rather go to the John Stewart/Stephan Colbert rally than ensure the proper celebration of a final college Halloween. Pretty sure this will easily top a night of costumed debauchery.

I love that there are things I just won't stand for.

I love my improving ability to banter.

I love that I am self-aware.



I love that I am getting better at admitting to my faults.



I love my courage to fight this illness.



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Kat said...

i just wanted to let you know that tht photo was taken by gala darling (tumblr blogs never credit properly grr!) so maybe you could change the credit to link to her? her post with this image in in here

thanks xx

Jem said...

Are you going to the John Stewart rally? My friends and I are hopefully going too! It looks like it will be an amazing experience... I mean who needs to celebrate Halloween when you've got John Stewart around? :)

The Fashion Buzz said...

Wow- absoloutely love that ring! Looks even better with your choice of nail polish!

Kelly said...

hee, your mouse story reminded me of a "pet" in my old house. There was a cave salamander who lived in the drain of my basement. We named him Mr. Wiggles. More than once, we thought a HUMONGOUS spider who also lived in that drain ate him or chased him off - but he always showed up again! I've since moved. I hope he's doing OK.


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