Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Things I Like: Disney's Alice in Wonderland

Sometimes you forget about little bits and pieces of your childhood until something pops in and reminds you. This remix popped in the other day.

And then I went on an Alice in Wonderland-watching bender. Join me?

What movies did you love when you were little?


Anonymous said...


Vanessa said...

Ooo good suggestion! I remember that being seriously awesome as a movie.

Laells said...

Beauty and the Beast man. That movie was the bomb. lol

I could sit and recite that movie word for word without the movie on.

I used to make either my parents or grandparents take me to the video store to rent it constantly. Normally when we had to return it we would just go back inside and re-rent it.

Then my grandparents bought me my own copy for Christmas. My parents were none too thrilled.

Amazingly, I still have my vhs copy and it still works. :D

Miss Peregrin said...

Cute! <3 I loved Disney when I was little. Especially Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and Mulan. I also used to watch the My Little Pony and Little Lulu cartoons obsessively. Apparently I had my Granddad wrapped around my little finger - the video would finish, and I'd turn around to say "again Pop?", then he'd rewind it and watch it with me all over again.

Vanessa said...

Julie: I was terrified of Beauty and the Beast until I was a little older. The Beast scared the bejeezus out of me. Now I think it's a wonderful movie, but you couldn't get me near it when I was a wee one.

Miss Peregrin: Awwww that's so adorable! Your granddad sounds like an awesome guy :)

Weesha said...

You just made me realize I've never seen Disney's Alice in Wonderland! Adding it to my movie list right now ) Dumbo was the first Disney movie I ever saw, followed by the Jungle Book, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King- all which I still love till today!


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