Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Here's a little game I thought up (though it's highly possible it already exists):

1. Log on to your Youtube account. I'm pretty sure you need one to make this work.

2. Go look at what videos it recommends you watch.

3. Share them. Even if they're stupid/weird/embarrassing. Actually, especially if they're stupid/weird/embarrassing. We're all friends here, so you need not fear any judging. (Try to be honest and not refresh thirty times or watch a bunch of Very Cool Videos in order to look awesome. Dorky is good).

I'll go first!

(actual poem starts at about 1 minute)

I have actually never played this game. It's probably recommended because of my boyfriend. But Castlevania games are really awesome and if you don't play them and you like a challenge you totally should change that ASAP.

I don't ever remember looking at koalas, but I'm totally okay with Youtube showing them to me anyway.

Yes to this.

Your turn! What does Youtube want you to watch? Share the videos in the comments and feel free to turn this into a blog post! (Let me know if you do and I'll put a link to it on this post).

1 comment:

Rose said...

this is a truly genius game idea.
The "nutmeg" video was adorable. And bambi?! love it.

here are a few of mine...





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