Monday, December 27, 2010

Resolutions Worth Making

This year, why don't you resolve to...

...have more fun. each and every day.
...try every fruit at the farmer's market.
...drink more tea.
...thrift everything. naked more often.
...become an expert in something.
...teach yourself a foreign language (you know you've wanted to for years now). often.
...make peace with your beautiful body.
...not beat yourself up if you don't make-- and keep-- a resolution.
...change the world.

Are you making a resolution? What is it? What have you resolved to do in years passed? Did you succeed?


Bec said...

haha my resolution every day is to drink LESS tea ;)

Vanessa said...

I should resolve to drink less coffee but I don't see it happening anytime soon...

Brittany said...

One of my main "resolutions" (if you will) is to scan all of my receipts, bills, and paperwork that I would normally stuff into our hall closet with the intention of filing it later. This never happens. My boyfriend and I's apartment is so small that we need all the space we can get, so I'm working my way through scanning and saving the past few years' worth of stuff. It's been really nice to actually weed through things, as well. I'm probably 70% done and it's not even 2011 yet! So I'm feeling pretty good. My goal after this is just saving more money and getting rid of things I don't use or wear (getting better at, but still needs work).

Anonymous said...

You inspire me.
I have many resolutions.
~I want to take a photo that means something everyday.
~I want to be closer to God.
~I want to know the difference between holding a hand, and chaining a soul.
~I want to share more love.
Have a happy day.


Anonymous said...

Haha, the 2nd to last one would be a biggie for me!

Vanessa said...

Brittany: the filing thing is a good idea! I hope you stick with it! As someone whose life is full of papers, I can totally see the value in this. It'd be a relief to have everything in one place!

tywo: Aww, thanks! I especially love your resolutions to take meaningful photos and to share love! You're inspiring, too, you know :)

rubybastille: that's gonna have to be one of mine this year after the whole Love 365 thing. I'd never kept a resolution before this one and it'll be weird not to have one on my plate again. I have enough big things to worry about, though, I guess.

The Sequin Cat said...

I'm trying to dance every day too! Just a little jig in the streets but it helps :)

Kimberley said...

What a great list V! I'm going to try to implement them all. :)


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