Monday, February 7, 2011

Letters to Akon (with a Little Taste of Monday Music)

Dear Akon,

I will have you know that I have never had any intention to like you. Somehow, though, you always find your way into my life.

There I am, listening to the radio on my way to work because I forgot my mp3 player, and I hear a song I really like. I bob my head and sing along a bit. I don't know what this song is yet. When I go home a Google search the lyrics and nine times out of 10 that song is by you. I don't know how this keeps happening. I don't consider myself any kind of avid R&B fan or anything. I would never picture myself saying aloud "you know who I really like? Akon." That's just not "me," you know? But every time there you are with a catchy song that I inevitably resist for awhile on principle and then download.

I don't want to like you.

But then I saw this. (NSFW due to subject matter, but you probably assumed that anyway).

Goddammit, Akon.

See, I have this principle: if you're a cool enough guy to laugh at yourself and appear in a Lonely Island video, you're okay with me (this means you, T-Pain, but you're already so self-deprecating that I've loved you for ages). I give up. You got me. You win.

Maybe I kinda like you, Akon.


What musicians do you hate to admit you like? Spill it! I know you have one!


Jem said...

I really cannot stand Akon however I loved the I Just Had Sex video! That was pure genius! My sister and I are obsessed with the song- and how funny are the fireworks? :)

D. said...

xD Oh, this is so bad it's good!

Marie said...

I love famous people who don't mind making fun of themselves. One of the reasons I like Peyton Manning, and just another reason for me to love Justin Timberlake.

Stephanie said...

Katie Perry. I just can't hate her as much as I try.


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