Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today You Should.... your work 'til dark, because this day is too beautiful to miss.
...have a dance party.
...write a bucket list.
...get the biggest size ice cream they've got.
...laze around outside and read your local paper.
...find a hidden picnic spot.
...shout your love from the rooftops.
...protect yourself from the sun with a gorgeous umbrella.
...have a bon voyage party for your winter closet.
...make a summery salad for dinner. 
...find out if your city has a Food Not Bombs chapter that you can join.
...make plans with a friend you rarely see.
...just let it go. It's not worth being angry over.
...wear a dress or skirt without tights. What a relief!
...get a fancy frozen drink at Starbucks, a local bar, etc. in celebration. 
...declare this a day without worry. It will all be okay.

Today in Worcester, Massachusetts it is finally spring. I'm in my office (okay, cubicle) at Worcester Magazine, so I don't exactly have the chance yet to go out and enjoy it. But that doesn't mean that you can't do it for me! 

Is it spring-like where you are? What are doing to enjoy it? 


brlracincwgrl said...

Love this list! It's definitely spring time here, finally! I hope it's here to stay!

I'm spending as much time outdoors, soaking up the sun!

Laells said...

I have done five on your list. :D And the rest are great ideas too.

My favourite is being able to wear my jean jacket and walks. But it's still a bit muddy for my favourite types of walks where you go exploring conservation areas and parks with your camera. My fiance and I recently were chased and swooped at by a bunch a chickadees because we got too close to their nest while on a walk (he was also whistling at them and calling them but that's BEFORE they started to attack and we thought it might be like a Disney movie). So be wary of mating birds in spring. They're jerks. lol

It's definitely spring here and I love it so much (despite getting chased by midget birds).

Mary J. Smith said...

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