Sunday, October 21, 2007

Antonio Banderas, Eat Your Heart Out

It all started over the summer. A friend of mine, the fabulous Covino, and I were innocently enjoying a healthy meal of potato skins and mozzarella sticks, playing on the Gazelle (oh, Tony Little, you're a such a genius), and pretending to do our physics homework when we decided to turn on the TV. I have about 98000 channels at home, but there's never anything on, which is just the Murphy's Law of having Comcast Digital Cable. I even have OnDemand, but who's going to pay $2.99 to watch "Crossroads?" Long story short, we ended up on the Spanish channel. If you've never watched the Spanish channel, you're seriously missing out on a good thing. Want to know why? Zorro. Zorro is why. This version of Zorro has something for everyone (which, by the way, is actually a series call "La Espada y La Rose"). There's a man-woman, a hunchback, a guy with an eyepatch, a dude that keeps waking up in hay for no apparent reason, a whore at a party, and, of course, Zorro, who looks strikingly similar to a former drum major of the marching band I was formerly in in high school. The whole thing is sort've like the freak show that is high school, if you think about it. I mean, who didn't know people who fell into all those zany categories? I bet Bill Gates was his school's hunchback. But I digress.

One day many months later, I received a call from Covino.

"Vanessa!" she exclaimed. She narrowly avoided a heart attack, I'm sure. "I've found the most amazing thing in the entire world!"

Covino directed me to one of my favorite websites in the world, Most of the goods are handmade by craftsy people, but you can also find some pretty sweet vintage pieces. The best part is that, in general, it's pretty damn affordable, and who doesn't love that? Anyway, she found a zorro string doll keychain. There was much rejoicing, especially since we came up with the best idea in the world: ask the user who made the original Zorro to make another one so we could have dorky friendship keychains. She said she would and......

.....Voila! View them in all their glory! Right there! Look below this text!

The Little Guys

If you think they look cute sitting on their little tissue paper blankie, you should just see them in person! Mine is sitting right next to me as I type this, protecting me from Guy With Eyepatch. He's my best friend. For serious. Covino, who isn't as dear to me as Zorro (kidding, kidding), has hers hanging from her rearview mirror. Seriously, she'll never get into an an accident again with Zorro there to slash uncoming tractor trailers to bits with his tiny sword!

Food for Thought-- Vanessa's Favorite Etsians:
-shaizcar (she made the zorros)
-tytrayart (Winona of Daddy Likey loves her, too, I might add)
-glitteryblue (divine handmade jewelry)
-irenesuchoki (some of the most gorgeous photos I've ever seen)
and of course...
-Mdesquire (this one belongs to me and Covino. We don't have anything in our shop at the moment, but it's going to be dorktastic, I promise)

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