Friday, October 12, 2007

Karl 1, Lindsay 0

I think it's a crime to want this shoe as badly as I do right now.

Chanel shoe, as seen on Anna Barsukova's Disembodied Leg

Yes, to some wearing shoes like these would seem as obnoxious as those signature Chanel earrings that seem to come standard with all thugs and middle-school girls who "earn" allowances that make payday seem like a joke, but I love them. Well, not with the little anklet purse (please don't let this become a trend). I would take that off, even though it's an amazing shot at Lindsay Lohan. I wonder if Karl and La Lohan are still Biffles (Best Friends For Life, for those of you who have successfully blocked the horrors of 8th grade from your memory) after this.
Oh, Karl, you're the wittiest, most fabulous 17th century biker/cowboy/rockstar I've ever had the pleasure to pretend to know.


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