Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Letters to People I Don't Know

Dear Misters Dolce and Gabbana,

I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful spring 2008 ready-to-wear collection. I don't know if you were aware, but your clothes usually come off a bit... well, slutty. Maybe it's just the shiny material or the short hems or the whips or the sexually suggestive soundtracks or Gisele. Who am I to judge? But this collection? So many gorgeous fabrics! So many dresses that I would love to wear while grocery shopping! So much paint! So little Gisele!* Really, guys, I loved it like I love my own children that I had to imagine I had birthed in order to comprehend how much I love this visual extravaganza of awesome. Bravo.


*Disclaimer: Gisele Bundchen, if you're reading this right now, I think your YSL ads are amazing and I would gouge my own eyes out with a grapefruit spoon to look as kickass as you do in lingerie.

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