Friday, October 26, 2007

My Brooks Brothers Boo OR Was That a Top Model Photoshoot?

When I picture the phrase "nerdy chic" in action, in the wild, I picture this:

HOTiting taxes is his biz

Unnecessarily bad puns aside, this Emporio Armani man looks a lot like my favorite high school social studies teacher, who shall from hereon be lovingly known as Sange. The difference, however, is that that Greek God of a man wore a bowtie to class almost every day. He never matched, never clashed; he coordinated. I'm sure there will be another post someday about Sange and the magic of his fashion sense and how he really does have his own personal stylist-type person at Brooks Brothers I swear and always looked perfectly edible and oh my, I miss him. I even got to sit in his car once! I was chosen to go fetch him something from his car, and I'm not ashamed to say that I spent some downtime just sitting in the very seat his lovely bum had graced and feeling like maybe, in another world, we would have been made for each other. The best part was the plaid scarf and the purple polka dot auxilliary bowtie he had by the back window.

I'm getting sidetracked by euphoric memories. My point is, this is the man I think of when I picture a nerd whose mommy does not have to dress him in the morning. This is the kind of nerd I want for my very own, to have and hold hostage. You know?

However, if you happen to google image search "nerdy chic," this is what you get:

Hairless Miss Jay?

To think I had such high hopes....

the Sange-alike is from Emporio Armani spring 2007 ready-to-wear.
the person in confusing footwear is from the Victor Glemaud spring 2007 ready-to-wear collection.

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