Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Plaidicament.

Puns always get exponentially worse before they get better.

Anywhoo, for some time, I've had a raging conflict within my very soul when it comes to the idea of plaid apparel. I find it quite lovely, but sometimes I just feel like... I don't know. Like I shouldn't. But what kind of fashionista doubts herself for the sake of others?

Okay. I've made a decision. I want these whether you like it or not.

kohls, $25.97. *
They also come in lovely black and white houndstooth.

Yeah, you see those shoes? I'm going to wear them someday. And I will not be ashamed.

I have a dream that someday my children will live in a world where a girl can wear any shoes she wants, shoes that will be judged by the fabulosity they bring to an ensemble, regardless of the color of their insole lining, the pattern of their toebox, or the jauntiness of their bow. I have a dream....

Take that, haters.

*If your tastes run more towards expensive, these Kohls shoes closely resemble some lovely Sam Edelman ones I found on

1 comment:

gilda said...

you definitely should get them. they are really pretty!


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