Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Banana Republic and My Model Crush

I have nothing against Banana Republic, but I've never done much shopping there. Sometimes I actually remember I'm living in the real world of the average college student, which means I try to be relatively cheap when it comes to new clothes. Today, however, my boyfriend and I got back from lunch and decided we ought to try and find him new dress shirts and such. My philosophy being that it's a good idea to look at everything rather than just apparel in your price range, we turned to bananarepublic.com.

That's when I discovered one of the new loves of my life.

I have no idea who this model is, but I hope he knows in his heart that I love him more than many other things in this world.

You should look at the large version of this picture, because I couldn't copy that one, which is so much better. Is it kind've bad if I think they maybe dressed this dude a little like a lawn jockey?

I want him to have a music video. I think this is the part where the song gets all inspirational and he's an angel of some sort. Just add wings and we're good to go.

Seriously, how many guys can rock a Grandpa sweater?

Someday, when I'm a professional fashion addic-- I mean, columnist, I'm going to interview this man so he can share with the world the secrets to being the only fun, non-douchebag-looking male model for Banana Republic.

He's also the only black model on the entire site. Big surprise.

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