Monday, November 12, 2007

How to Put Some Giddy-Up in Your Step

chloe ( $750

Everytime I ever asked for a horse for Christmas, my mother always said "no." I can't imagine why, because riding to kindergarten on a stallion would've been pretty badass. I bet I would have had a lot of friends to use me for pony rides. Hell, as long as they would be willing to pay to rent my steed for birthday parties, it would be all good. But no. "A horse is too expensive," my mother would rationalize.

These shoes are a mere $750 dollars and are made with actual horseshoes. They may look like regular platforms at first, but in reality they are the pinnacle of equestrian chic. What could be more equestrian than pretty much being a human horse? Hyperbole? I think not.

Horses cost more than $750. They need to be fed. Shoes don't eat hay-- or anything else, for that mattter. Horses need stables. Shoes come with their own little home, no extra charge. Horses need to be cleaned up after. And, well, since shoes don't even eat-- well, you get the picture.

These shoes are for any other little girl who was denied her pony as a child. Now you can be a pony. Now you can live some twisted facsimile of your dream.

No thanks necessary.

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