Saturday, November 3, 2007

Lock the Doors, Pull Down the Shades

I miss never having any time to myself, so when my roommate leaves for class or to... I don't know, do something other than pretend she doesn't have homework in our room, the first thing I do is go online. Oh, God, I'm so ashamed.... But I can't help it! It's an addiction!

You're perfect just the way you are, baby. I could oggle you for hours.

People want to judge you for being from Old Navy, but I want to rock you anyway.

Oh yeah. Look at you. Keep no secrets from me, darling. Turn around.


I would pay almost a thousand dollars to feel you on me.

Oh, my, you're see-through in just the right places.

I love the way you blush. It suits you. Oh yeah.

Is it a sin? If it is, I never want to do right.

Besides, it's never too cold for skirts in hell.

from top:
christian dior samurai bag: $3900 (at neiman marcus)
old navy outfit: example look from the site
victoria's secret crossback curvy jersey dress: $65
christian dior fall runway shoes: $990 (at
bcggirls "cayla" shootie: $98 (at macys)
forever21 pleated bell sleeve coat: $49.80

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Longkaer said...

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