Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh-so sorry that I didn't post yesterday. I had an entry all planned out about how I would be writing a fabulous article for the style section of my university's student-run magazine, STIR, but that opportunity was ripped away from me by some girl who apparently e-mailed the editor in chief about how she wanted to write the article on the best style blogs. Who does she think she is? The section editor? Wait, what? She is? Damn.

Maybe I will spite STIR and write just that very article for this blog, except without the wicked cool layout and stuff, because I'm really not very good with html or being visually creative and stuff. Part of my idea had been to try and get in contact with some of today's more popular and fabulous bloggers to hear their takes on the best style blogs that the interwebz has to offer. If you know any great bloggers/have a kickass blog yourself and you'd like to put your two cents in, please email me at vformato@clarku.edu or leave me a comment about how awesome that really cool underground blog you read is. Blog blog blog blog blog.

So that was why I didn't post yesterday. I was too sad, so I just sat around eating a Three Musketeers Bar and playing videogames to numb my devastation.

Now's when I show you something I think is really cool.

to the top in the style of da vinci: $15 at shirt.woot.com

What's a Woot Shirt, Vanessa?
I'll tell you. Woot shirts are designed by people like you and me, except often dorkier and with much more aptitude for drawing.
Woot has contests where artists submit T-shirt designs under a certain theme (the above was for a videogames series) to be entered into "derbies." In these derbies, the public votes on the best shirts and then the site produces them. For one day only the shirt of the day (called "today's woot") is offered for only ten dollars on the main page-- after the first day, they're fifteen dollars and can usually be found by looking through the blog section of the site. That's right, for the price of two venti frappuccinos at Starbucks, you can get an awesome shirt that probably none of your friends have. My boyfriend has several and I can tell you that they're of great quality and look just as great coming out of the box-- and, almost more importantly, after a bunch of trips through the washer and dryer-- as they do pixellated on the website.

To save you the trouble of searching for it, the shirt above is available at this exact URL if you're interested. I've been resisting buying it for my gamer guy for awhile now. The pull is strong. It's really the most amazing Mario Kart shirt I've ever seen. It combines the vindictive fun of screwing your friends over by releasing one of those pesky blue shells with the novelty of mirror writing. This is truly a Renaissance shirt if I've ever seen one.

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