Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not On My Budget It's Not

too cute, but for too much has decided that "depression chic" is in. I guess that's appropriate, considering that America's economy is spiraling downward into oblivion at the moment. The thing is, I don't think Anna Wintour and her associates running the site truly understand what the word "depression" means. They claim that "silk fringe or faded sackcloth-- these looks will see you through our current economic downturn and beyond," but I think that they've done so much romanticizing that they forgot that a depression actually means people have less money.

I thought that maybe I would see a little practicality in the article, but of course not.

According to the people at Vogue, this is how to dress for the recession.

You need a $1600 DVF dress for nights at the speakeasy...

...a glamorous yet practical $6002 dress for waiting in line for rations at the local grocery...

...and, of course, a bargain $935 necklace made of genuine gold-dipped swan feathers for... erm... okay, what the hell?

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