Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is Anyone With Me On This?

I just need to get this off my chest. Does anyone-- anyone-- else in the entire world not get what's up with everyone's obsession with Lara Stone? I mean, I would love to really get behind her and love her and talk about her non-stop like half the bloggers I come across nowadays, but I just don't get it, even though I want to like her because she's a "big" model (like, once in awhile she must skip the gym and eat a Twix, but I think people are just fooled by the boobs). I just think... I think she's ugly, okay?! I realize that a lot of models are very unusual-looking, and I can usually deal with it, because it seems to me that those models (other than Raquel Zimmerman, who I can't stand, either, but I think that might be a lot US Vogue's fault for always putting her in really boring editorials in really boring outfits) don't have this unexplained fangirlish following that draws attention to their hideousness. Maybe I'm at the center of a conspiracy to make me hate Lara Stone, and it involves putting filters on my eyes or computer or something in my sleep so that all I see is frightening bone structure, an annoying gap (before anyone jumps on me for mentioning the gap because it makes her so unique blah blah Tyra is that you? Oh wait you coerced Danielle-- ahem, Dani-- into fixing that, nevermind, I'm not generally picky about them-- my boyfriend even has one), elephant ears, and a serious case of man-face. Maybe in reality she's incredibly gorgeous, but someone up there just wants me to pull my hair out and wonder what crack everyone is smoking when they consider this woman a beautiful, stunning covergirl.

Please, tell me you agree. Just a little? Please?

1 comment:

vanessa said...

i totally agree with you! personally i dont think she is gorgeous nor do i see the stuff every model has you know "great bone structure" or whatever. Anyway who determines if you are totally gorgeous. i mean ALL of us could be that girl right there.... right???


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