Monday, February 23, 2009

Nathan Jenden and Betsey Johnson Fall '09

I'm busily trying to compile a collection of my favorite looks from some of the fall collections (it's keeping me distracted from how badly I want to see the Galliano and Dior shows) to share with those of you who are also swamped with finals and didn't get the chance to click through all those slideshows. I also figured it'll be something manageable I can do in this week that's chock-full of exams, papers, and a conference on the future of African-American literature (so pumped to attend my first real academic conference!).

Without further ado, here are just a few looks from Betsey Johnson and Nathan Jenden. I'm planning to cover a bit of Twelve8Twelve and Vivienne Westwood's Red Label next time, so hang tight, loves!


I'm normally not a fan of anything that looks like it involves fur,
but the dark lipstick is awesome, the animal-print tights are sweet, those shoes are-- holy crap, they're orgasmic, and I'm diggin' the tutu.

I don't wear tutus in my real life, but I think if I were tall and skinny and adventurous, I'd throw out every skirt and pair of pants I own and replace them all with these big, poofy confections. I also love how Betsey does skulls. It just makes me smile because she's so girly, and I'm always a fan of tongue-in-cheek style choices.

n Jenden

It seems like a lot of designers this season are going for kind've dark, gloomy looks this fall, what with the state of the economy and thus luxury industries. I love the shade of purple in this dress-- it's a nice bit of color without being too shocking in combination with the gorgeous charcoal coat and black tights. I would totally wear this (count me out on the necktie thingie, though).

egle tvirbutaite

White shoes? I'm an advocate in most cases, but here I'm not a huge fan. It's totally made up for, though, by Jenden's lovely interpretation of a woman's suit. The skirt reminds me of one of those paper ornaments you see in the grocery store at Christmas time, which definitely means I'll be checking out Nathan Jenden collections again in the future in hopes for some holiday-esque cheer.

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