Monday, February 23, 2009

Long-Lost Apparel

I know this will come as a surprise, but these two dresses are actually sold at two different stores under the assumption that they are not, in fact, pretty much the same thing. Like exactly. Like identical twins you can never tell apart when the family gets together at Thanksgiving even though you should really know that Mandy got that weird haircut and Sarah always wears neon leggings exactly.



My guess is that these two dresses were conceived at a horny couple's picnic date, and after one thing led to another, mother became pregnant, and the father-- afraid of commitment-- fled. Since Mommy Delia* couldn't afford to raise two children, she left one of them on Miss Forever21's* doorstep, hoping that the poor child would be loved and nurtured and sold at a reasonable retail price. And now, at last, they are reunited. This blog truly does a service to long-lost sister dresses everywhere. I'm tearing up. I can't go on.

P.S. If you find long-lost sister/brother items, send pics to me at so we can officially reunite them! With your help, perhaps this can become a feature!

*i don't know which came first, forever21's version or delia's, so the idea that the "mommy" is delia's is completely arbitrary and does not imply that i think that forever21 totally ripped them off or something (as many people tend to blame forever21 of doing to other people frequently, but I am a big fan of forever21 so you'd best leave them alone).

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