Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Twelve8Twelve and Peter Jensen Fall '09

These two shows belong in an entry all their own because they both appeal to the same type of audience: youngsters. Different kinds of youngsters, mind you, but youngsters nonetheless. Twenty8Twelve got so-so reviews because of how the looks were very typical of how fashionable teens and young women dress today, and Peter Jensen is a joy to behold as always, and this collection was wonderfully twee(n).


Coats as dresses have to be the most criminally fabulous thing in the world, and I wish it worked in real life. In real life, it's all sweaty and miserable. Not that I know from experience or anything.

If the top were longer-- what is it with people these days trying to wear shirts as dresses? (of course right after I said coats can be dresses... oh, I reek of hypocrisy, don't I?)-- this would be flawless. I love that the whole outfit is black and leathery, and then mixed with such a dainty, feminine floral.

This is one of my dream outfits. End of comment.

I'm absolutely floored, because this girl looks a-freakin'-mazing in this jumpsuit. JUMPSUIT. My mind imploded when I saw this.

Peter Jensen

Favorite look of the whole show. I thought the playfully layered socks under boots was such a cute idea, and that coat looks so warm and so adorable at the same time. It's basically a belted puffer jacket. I smell a cure to many young women's puffer-jacket phobias.

Again, of course, SOCKS OMG WANT, but this is probably the first time in the history of the runway that a model strutted her stuff in a polar bear sweater. Need. Polar bear. Sweater.

Ignoring the genius pattern-play, do his gloves make him look like he's holding his pinkies out? When in doubt...
Crazy, adorable, colorful, manic, amazing, yes. But I'd suggest that Evelina get a bite to eat after the show. Scary neck much?

Tomorrow? Viv's Red Label and anything else that strikes my fancy between trying to get all my midterms squared away.

Love <3

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