Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentimes Again

Tip #2: Buy Used When You Can

I remember the olden days when a couple's idea of fun was to sit around an old transistor radio and listen to "The Masked Bandit" while eating Cracker Jacks. Well, not really, but I bet that's exactly what it was like. Here in good ol' 2009, though, entertainment has to be a little more interactive than that. Videogames are as big or bigger than they were when they were first cropping up in the '80s, so chances are, you or your beau are totally hooked by now. I know I certainly am! My boyfriend bought me a Nintendo DS for Christmas just so he could have his back (I had been holding it hostage for about a year)! Videogames are a lot of fun, and I really don't subscribe to the idea that they make people babbling idiots or violent killers, as long as parents are responsible enough to not allow constant playing and to mind the ratings on the box; and actually, in my experience, a lot of the smartest and nicest people I know are avid gamers. So there's how I feel about that.

Basically, that whole shpiel was meant to bring me to my second tip: it's okay to not buy everything new, and videogames-- as well as CDs and DVDs-- are great examples of this philosophy. If you're buying these kinds of electronics for your significant other, chances are he or she already knows that basically anything on a disc is pretty hard to break. The worst thing that can happen is that the disc get badly scratched, and stores generally check for that kind of damage when they're reselling products. So, if you're buying CDs or DVDs, hit your local Newbury Comics or facsimile therof; if it's a videogame you want, find a Gamestop in your area (and if you go to a Gamestop, keep in mind that if you get an "Edge" card, which is free, you'll save 10% on all your used games. Don't just let the card sit in the back of your wallet behind some Walmart gift card or something, though: if you're never going to use it again, think of it as an extra present for your sweetie).

Do keep in mind, though, new products can be hard to find used.

Happy hunting!

For the Hero Jonsin' for a Mission:
used at $19.99

You can't go wrong with a Mario game! Everyone's favorite little Italian plumber runs around the Mushroom Kingdom, pulling up radishes or turnips or some other healthy vegetable, in hopes of defeating Bowser to rescue Princess Peach-- and you'd better believe there will be a whole lot of jumping along the way! This is a classic platformer that's sure the please any guy or girl who has a thing for old school Nintendo fun. Plus, I'm a big fan of Birdo. Who doesn't love Birdo?

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